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Went to an authentic French restaurant today :3 these are some of the desserts #food #yummy #French #dessert #Easter (Taken with instagram)

My dinner that my wonderful mother made :) it is supposed to whole pieces of chicken but we didn’t have any so she used ground chicken lol so that is what is on top of the rice. Its like honey sesame chicken or something like that (package from kroger or giant eagle in the Asian food section) it was delicious!! #food #dinner #yummy #Asian #chicken (Taken with instagram)


DIN DIN!!!! Chicken, some kind of beans, and RANCH DRESSING!!!! to go with ma chicken! :D

Just made some stuffed croissants :)

Stuffed with cream cheese and blueberry filling ^^ forgot to get chocolate so I will make chocolate ones tomorrow :) forgot to take a picture of them though… They were good and only took 15 minutes to make and that’s mostly just them baking :)

I want to eat the Blizzard Bears from Build-A-Bear…