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(I am Gamer_Nixem and Nixem from Twitter, Twitch, and the AA Forums)

For me, writing papers is like pulling off a really sticky Band-Aid.

I know I should pull it off quickly to just get it over with even though it will be really painful. Instead I try to put put it off trying to avoid the pain or pull it off slowly in hopes that the pain will be lessened.

Sculpture my classmates designed and other labs made. 2 tons of stainless steel :3 #school #class #art (Taken with instagram)

We had a fire drill today in school so me and a couple of classmates got in a huddle and sang campfire songs because the wind made it really chilly! While waiting to go back inside we decided to take a cheesy white girls photo of our feet (even though there are two guys in there) lol good times! #friends #feet #shoes #2012 #January #cold #school (Taken with instagram)

She is helping me study for my exams :3 #dog #cute #school #study #study #study (Taken with instagram)