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(I am Gamer_Nixem and Nixem from Twitter, Twitch, and the AA Forums)

These are some screenshots of the current game I am playing :3 It is called ArcheAge and is in Alpha testing and the second closed beta is July 30th. In this game there are so many things to do! Farming, pirating, naval combat, castle sieges, crafting, housing, and sooooo much more. I really really love this game and can’t wait for it to go live so I can play with a lot of people ^^ Please check it out if you want a very versatile mmo!

EDIT: Also, my graphic settings are very low so the game looks amazing on high graphics! 



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So dA isn’t really loading for me right now so I am putting this here first! 

Here is the finished piece! Once we get the rp forum running I will probably make circus posters for Zirkus der Greuel and thats how I wanted to go with this but I figured I should wait until things are set in stone!


Went to a local library today. I am in love with this library!! On the outside it looks like a less extravagant castle and it looks like this on the inside!! Could sit in there all day!  #library #castle #old #book #love #amazing #pretty (Taken with instagram)