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I need translators!!

Hi everyone! I am looking for French, German, and Spanish translators to translate my english guides. I have made a website for an MMORPG called ArcheAge. It is releasing in North America and Europe this year. The game has farming features. My website has guides for players that farm!

Since this is has a lot of international players I would like to also have my guides in other languages! I have someone that is translating them into Thai. 

I really need French, German, and Spanish but I am up for other languages excluding Korean, Japanese, and Chinese (the game is already released in those countries). I will give credit and a link to your tumblr/site if you translate my guides! Please send me an ask if you are interested!!

I would love any help!!

My site that needs translated: ArcheAge Farmer


I’m learning Korean :3

Bought a nifty book last night that has a map of central Seoul and the subway lines, also it has currency and phrases, and a dictionary, etc.

I”m excited!!