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Track: Kill Bill - Male Version
Artist: Brown Eyed Girls

Track: I Got A Boy - Male Version
Artist: Girls Generation

Track: Rose - Male Version
Artist: Lee Hi

Track: I Don't Care - Male Version
Artist: 2NE1

If 2NE1 were a boy group.

Look who is trending!! :D


I was shocked! Hopefully he didn’t know what he was wearing!

2NE1 is trending on twitter!! :D #kpop #2NE1 #music #twitter #trending #worldwide (Taken with instagram)

My Starcalls so far :3 Just got the IU one a couple of minutes ago :) I think IU was wishing us a Merry Christmas in the video (idk because it doesn’t have subtitles)

Here is an edit I did of a picture of the lovely T.O.P.  :)

here is the original http://images.asianfanatics.net/gallery/albums/Korean-Male/Big-Bang—-T.O.P/photo_top7.jpg

Look how sexy my background is!! :D