My mom can’t accept that I want to dye my hair…

It’s not completely though! I just want to get like a layer underneath bright blue and then in the same color highlights. But she has this thing where she says she doesn’t want us coloring our hair because you can’t get your natural hair color back and you can’t stop once you’ve started. Which I guess is true and I can’t blame her because she colors her hair every so often and she wants it different after a while.

I got a master plan though! I bought hair extensions from hot topic in the color I want and I wear them everyday so she gets used to it! She even said they were pretty! But she said she thinks I shouldn’t dye my hair and just wear the extensions when I want to. But I told her firmly that I WANT it to be permanent. So when I turn 18 I’m going to use the birthday money I get and get my hair done and make her let me do it.

Anyways I’m just ranting/updating what’s going on in my life right now. So be looking forward to a picture with my new hair :D