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14:Draw a pic of yourself like how you look just now.

— beckiiez
I just woke up XD

So dA isn’t really loading for me right now so I am putting this here first! 

Here is the finished piece! Once we get the rp forum running I will probably make circus posters for Zirkus der Greuel and thats how I wanted to go with this but I figured I should wait until things are set in stone!


WIP of a new OC I’m working on for an RP forum me and my friends are creating called  ”Zirkus der Greuel.” 

This is Batilda. She is from Sweden and she is a dragon-person (?). But she doesn’t transform into a dragon. She just has the characteristics. She is 175 years old and is looking pretty darn good for that age! I’m excited to develop her story even more!

Since DeviantArt is being poopy and won’t even load on my computer I’m posting my WIPS here and hopefully dA will work enough for me to post the final version!

http://emeryraine.deviantart.com <-my dA

Please ignore anatomy errors T^T

Colored Easter eggs :D #Easter #eggs #fun (Taken with instagram)

Look at what I got today!!! :D