So I got $60 for my birthday and I have no idea how to spend it…

I was going to buy the sims 3 but school is starting and I probably won’t play it a lot and I figured it would be a waste of money. So I’m stumped on what to get…

I will be 18 tomorrow O___________O


I haven’t posted in a while

I still need to get my summer homework done and school starts next week -.- BUT my birthday is Tuesday so there is that to look forward to! I’m getting my hair done! So excited!!

Oh yeah!!! I Love Lucy marathon!!!!!!!

So good!! Yesterday was like one of the best days ever!! Got really cute boots for school and my mom ordered me a new iPod touch for my birthday!! It will get here a day before my birthday and I am forcing myself to wait till the next day to open it so I have time to play with it :) can’t wait!!